Our facility was established in 1995 and it was equipped with modern machines in order to provide a complete fabrication production service. Our modern facility has a production capacity of 3000 pairs of shoes in 10 hours. D.A.S Ayakkabı has maintained the image of quality it has achieved since the establishment. We increased our market share by enriching the customer portfolio, which has grown in the sector with the quality.

Part of our portfolio consists of international institutions and organizations such as food, white goods, coal mines, security companies, government agencies, banks, etc.

As D.A.S Ayakkabı, we accept unconditional customer satisfaction as the main principle.
D.A.S Shoes is taking firm steps towards its goal of becoming a world company without compromising its quality and continues to grow day by day. D.A.S Ayakkabı has the capacity to fulfill all orders of companies. Thanks to our understanding of quality service, customer satisfaction, marketing and after-sales support is rapidly improved. According to the articles published in the Official Gazette No. 25311 on 9 June 2003 and based on the general obligations of the employer, protective and preventive services, health and safety, worker representative, etc. labor and worker safety should not be ignored by any employer, and an impartial audit should be ensured on health and safety at work. In accordance with the new regulations, all institutions and organizations are required to take measures in this regard. Our company fulfills its duties in this regard and defends the importance given to work and worker health.

Honesty, diligence, professional approach, customer satisfaction and respect for time are among our indispensable principles.